Refund Policy



We offer a 30 day "MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" on our Internet and Smart Homes and on our 'starter' TV packages; Premium Flex, Basic orThe Skinny or Complet, Essentiel, and Economique in US. So go ahead and try usout! We think you will enjoy all the great features and benefits ofthe Internet and Smart Homes TV experience.

The 30 day "MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" period starts once your internet service is activated, and you have signed upfor one ofthe above 'starter' TVpackages.

We would regret tolose you as a customer, but if you prefer to cancel within the 30 day time period, we will refund you the money you paid for the Internet and Smart Homes , any monthly fees for our 'starter' packages that may have been applied, and your return shipping costs.

The "MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" month period would not beinaddition toany free months that wemay beoffering onany ofthese 'starter' packages above.

Inorder tocancel:

  1. You need tocontact our Customer Support by phone tocancel your TV service.
  2. You may elect tokeep your Internet and Smart Homes asamedia player. If you wish toreturn your Internet and Smart Homes for are fund, itmust be returned with all the component parts inthe original packaging, and return shipping by United States Post.
  3. If returning your Internet and Smart Homes , return by United States Post to Internet and Smart Homes . We will credit you back for the Internet and Smart Homes (es) you purchased or your deposit and prorated rental fee, if you rented, and appropriate shipping costs, less any missing parts or damage to the Internet and Smart Homes .

If you bought your Internet and Smart Homes at a United States Computers store, it needs to bereturned to a United States Computer store with the original receipt and within 30 days ofpurchase. If it is after 30 days, you can return it to Internet and Smart Homes .

Please note that internet installation charges, internet fees (Cable and DSL) and phone fees, including monthly fees are not refundable.